Launch an NFT collection in minutes.
No technical experience required,
100% free.

We’re ecstatic to share our complete toolbox with everything you need to launch your NFT project! From art generation, custom smart contracts, allowlists, and custom mint button embeds - we’ve got you covered.

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No technical experience?
No problem.

With HeyMint, you don’t need any technical knowledge to launch an amazing project! We’re so passionate about making web3 mainstream, all of the tools we’ve built are created with simplicity in mind. We hold your hand through the entire process, and give you the option to preview and test what you’ve built before publicly launching. Despite the process being so simple, the contracts you can generate are just as robust as the ones used by massive projects.

custom smart contract

Generate your artwork

We know how excited you are to share your artwork with the world! Our NFT art generator makes creating your collection easy as pie. Just upload your layers, set layer order, and specify how rare you want certain traits to be. With the click of a button your artwork will be uploaded to decentralized file storage, ready for the world to mint.


Customize your smart contract with the click of a button

Our intuitive platform makes it unbelievably easy to design the smart contract you need. In just a few minutes, you can set up all the details for your presale, public sale, and custom mint button! Once you are ready, just hit a button and we will generate your custom smart contract in mere seconds.


Turn any web page into a minting website with our mint button embed

We understand how important branding is. Our custom mint button generator allows you to fully control what you want your audience’s mint experience to be. Just customize your mint button to look how you wish, and embed it onto your own website. It’s as simple as copying and pasting a few lines of code, for your audience to have a beautifully seamless experience! Our code snippet is compatible with platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, and WordPress!

Standard features

Art Generation

Turning artwork into NFTs has never been easier.

Unlimited customized smart contract

Launch your project in just a few minutes, no developer needed.

Custom mint button embed

Keep your branding consistent by customizing your mint button to match your aesthetic.

Complete ownership

We own nothing, you own everything.

Marketplace ready

List your NFTs on platforms like OpenSea or Rarible.

NFT pre-reveal

NFTs can be minted with a preview image, then revealed at a later date.

Allowlist management

Build unlimited allowlists, raffles, and giveaways to gauge & generate interest for your collection.

Presale and public sale details

Specify what time you want your sales to open, the price, max mint per transaction, and max mint per wallet.

Split wallet payouts

Pay as many people as you want, whatever percentage you want.

Set royalty percentage

Make sure you get a piece of that Secondary Sale Pie.

We’ll build whatever you need most

Our superpower is our incredibly fast & talented team. Since we’ve launched an NFT project ourselves, we know first hand how frustrating it can be to need something that doesn’t exist yet.

We’re dedicated to providing whatever our users need most, so we’ll host public polls to determine what our next features will be.

Submit a feature request

Our smart contracts have been put to the test

Here are some of the projects that have launched with our smart contracts. The best part: our code has never been compromised in any way.


100% free for our earliest adopters.

Other platforms want you to pay per NFT generated, or give up a huge percentage of your sales revenue. We’re not doing that: we want to thank all of our earliest supporters by offering all of our features for free. It’s our way of saying thank you for giving our tools a shot!


Standard features are free, forever.

Other platforms want you to pay a fee per NFT generated, or give up a huge percentage of your sales revenue for an incredibly simple smart contract. We’re not doing that: all of our standard features will always be free.

In the future, we plan to expand beyond standard smart contract features. We’ll work on building complex, premium features so your projects can the same functionality as blue chip projects. Soon, things like nesting, staking, burning, soulbinding, or lending can be added to your smart contract with the click of a button and a small % of sales.


Premium features free forever for our earliest supporters.

To give back for the incredible support you’ve given us, early adopters can unlock free lifetime access to all premium features with a soulbound token claimable in Oct 2022.

This applies to:
Raffle winners who claimed a SBT
Holders of sister communities who claimed a SBT
@curiousaddys holders during the time of our snapshot (Oct 13, 2022) who claimed a SBT and remain holders at the time of using premium features. 

From the bottom of our heart, thank you for believing in us!

Our Roadmap

ERC-1155 support


Create collections with multiple copies of the same NFT

Polygon, Optimism & Arbitrum

Choose between Ethereum or layer 2 & sidechain solutions


Premium feature

Staking features analogous to Moonbird's iconic nesting


Premium feature

Allow users to burn NFTs from other collections in order to mint your NFTs


Premium feature

Create NFTs that can never be transferred to another wallet


Premium feature

Allow buyers to request a refund for the NFT they minted within a specific time frame


Premium feature

Airdrop assets to all your NFT holders


Premium feature

Create snapshots of all your holders


Premium feature

Track invaluable information about your mint & collectors

Frequently Asked Questions

Have other questions? Get in touch with our team on Twitter (@heymintxyz) or email us at!

Has your code ever been compromised in any way?

No. Security is incredibly important to us and we are lucky enough to say that we have done a good enough job to never have a single issue.

Is the entire platform 100% free?

Yes - all of our features are free for our earliest adopters. When you launch your smart contract, however, you will have to pay a small transaction fee to the blockchain itself. We don’t get a penny of that money. This is a fee you’d have to pay to the blockchain no matter what platform you use.

How do you make money?

Honestly, we don’t. We’re able to offer this platform for free because our own NFT collection launch (@curiousaddys) gave us enough revenue to hire a team to work on our mission of making web 3 mainstream. In the future, we’ll have premium features that will cost a fee to use.

Is your team doxxed?

Yep! Our team (founders: Mai & Ben) has been actively helping onboard people into the Web3 space for years. Not only have we launched our own NFT project, we also have a Discord community with 25k active members, we’ve created the best selling course on NFTs, and have been featured by many reputable publications! Our team has very experienced Silicon Valley engineers who care a lot about security: our projects have never been hacked or exploited in any way!